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COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – Health & Safety Plan

As a member of the Funeral Directors Association (FDANZ) we are committed to adhering to standards and
codes of ethics and conduct.


This funeral home has:

  • Clear COVID-19 signage
  • Adequate handwashing supplies which are checked and refreshed/changed regularly
  • Adequate supplies of  hand sanitiser and tissues around the building
  • Increased the number of bins available for tissue disposal
  • Sanitized after each viewing, religious/cultural ritual, service, or event has take place
  • Keeps a documented record of each cleaning process

It is the attendee’s responsibility to:

  • Pracitce good personal hygine


Physical Distancing

This funeral home has:

  • Provided an environment where people can maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre apart (from people outside their isolation bubble)
  • Advised people to stay away if they feel unwell (and to call the MoH Healthline)

It is the attendee’s responsibility to:

  • Follow the Alert Level 2 physical distancing rules
  • Stay at home if they feel unwell


  • Keep a register of all persons entering the funeral home for the purposes of viewing, religious/cultural ritual, or service. This register must include:
    • Exact day and time the event took place
    • Full names of all attending the event
    • Current physical address of the attendee
    • Email address of the attendee
    • Mobile phone number of the atendee
  • Destroy these register once we move to Alert Level 1

It is the attendee’s responsibility to:

  • Provide their contact details every time they visit the funeral home for a viewing, religious/cultural ritual, or service.